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Praesidium Security Services

Praesidium delivers extensively trained teams of Security Officers to serve the security needs of government entities, businesses, and communities. Whether you need a security officer at your shopping center, a security team for a special event, or a trusted protector for your gated community – Praesidium’s specialists will provide the expertise and customer service that you deserve.

  1. Security Officers

    When deployed properly, a Security Officer can serve as a deterrent. The pretense of a deterrent should come from the “Mere Presence” of a professional. There is no deterrent factor in a poorly trained, unprofessional security guard. A professional and respectful officer confidently standing his or her post conveys that this place is NOT an easy target.

  2. Certified Security Officers

    Our elite officers are selected only after extensive background review and after passing multiple levels of advanced training. A candidate’s experience must include at least one of the following credentials:

    • Former Law Enforcement
    • Former Military
    • Former Military Police
    • Former Federal Agent
    • Former Special Forces

    In contrast to typical security guards offered by other firms, Praesidium’s officers are extensively educated to offer leading-edge solutions for securing high-value assets and protecting lives.

  3. Armed Couriers

    Whether you have protective documents to transmit or a precious diamond to transport, Praesidium will ensure excellence in protection and care. Our officers undergo stringent background and training requirements. As an extensively proficient team, we bring a class of experts and armed courier specialists that similarly priced security companies simply can’t deliver.

  4. Event Security Officers

    Praesidium’s wide-ranging background in protection and security allows us to supply an array of event security services. Crowd management, armed patrols, motor patrol, access control, and surveillance are all specialties that Praesidium can provide for your function, party, festival, or sporting event.

  5. Loss Prevention Officers

    From deterrence programs to protection strategies, Praesidium serves as an extension of your team to ensure operational excellence. Through our proprietary training programs and vast network of security specialists, our officers are uniquely skilled in the various aspects of security work.

  6. Motor Patrol Officers

    Praesidium’s corporate, residential, and commercial clients have found value in vehicle patrol. High-Visibility Motor Patrol serves as both a criminal deterrent and as a rapid response for assistance.

  7. Resort & Community Security Officers

    As a leading U.S.-based security company, Praesidium employs trained specialists who understand the unique needs of diverse environments. Praesidium customizes successful security solutions for hotels, resorts, residential communities, and other access-controlled areas.

  8. Mall Security Officers

    In addition to security training, Praesidium’s team is versed in promoting a safe and comfortable environment. As a result, this secure and relaxed atmosphere often encourages guests and customers to stay longer, which increases browsing and shopping time.


American owned and operated security company that is a respected provider of armed & unarmed security officers.