Is your Security Guard(s) trained in active shooter neutralization? How do you know? Pretty simple, don’t ask the company representative or even a Security Guard Supervisor, ask the Guard working the post. Ask him exactly how he/she was trained in Active Shooter Training. Were they on a range with live fire, did they watch a video, did they read a pamphlet?

Praesidium Security Officers have a distinct advantage when it comes to training. Praesidium Security, a VRP Group Company, is also home to Vertus (Specialists in Anti Terrorism – Force Protection). Vertus is the company that provided the training for the US Army’s MP’s and CID agents after the massacre at Ft Hood. Vertus’ “Rapid Threat Neutralization” training program is widely regarded as the most comprehensive Active Shooter Program in the United States. Praesidium Security Officers are exposed to Vertus’ training on a regular basis, giving you peace of mind that they are ready for these situations.

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