praesidium-security-post-image-litigationBy now, most people have seen the commercials from law firms saying they would be happy to initiate litigation on your behalf if you were injured as the result of an establishment failing to provide adequate security. So, how do you, the property owner, proprietor, management company, etc. make sure that you are best prepared to defend your security?

To begin with, most entities should have a written security plan or policy. The plan should be developed by someone who the justice system will recognize as an expert. Most good Security Plans are a combination of Physical Security and Technology. While it is possible to have a good Security Plan of Physical Security without technology, it is virtually impossible to have a good Security Plan using technology without Physical Security.

Many businesses justify their investment in security monitors with the elimination of physical patrols or presence, however, these are far from duplicate services and technology alone does not suffice. And technology didn’t protect all those involved in the rising number of lawsuits out there.

Having some sort of physical patrol is only part of the solution when liability is at stake. “In House” Security Guards beg the question of expertise in the area, if your expertise is property related and this is what your business specializes in, will those credentials hold up for security expertise? You can be sure this will be exploited in the courtroom should you find yourself there. Hiring a professional, reputable company with qualified field experience and strict training and hiring standards will offer the most protection for your business in & out of the courtroom.

Praesidium Security has one of the strongest reputations in the industry and prides themselves in protecting yours. Our field operators are experienced security advisors who can design and implement a program to reduce your liability and provide the security you need. As a VRP Group, Inc company, Praesidium is afforded access to proprietary training programs that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. This means you can be confident that you are being well protected by Praesidium in more ways than one. And your budget will still be happy.