Certified Security Officers

Praesidium’s Protective Security Officers

At Praesidium, our Cetified Security Officers are among the top tier of Commercial Security Officers. Our elite officers are selected only after extensive background review and after passing multiple levels of advanced training. A candidate’s experience must include at least one of the following credentials:

  • Former Law Enforcement
  • Former Military
  • Former Military Police
  • Former Federal Agent
  • Former Special Forces

In contrast to typical security guards offered by other firms, Praesidium’s officers are extensively educated to offer leading-edge solutions for securing high-value assets and protecting lives. We offer competitive rates for protective security services, while delivering a team with front-line training and skill to protect you, your assets, and your reputation.

If you are seeking excellence in professionalism and protection, Praesidium’s Protective Security Officers are ready to serve. Call 1-800-795-6440 for more information.