Mall Security Officers

Respected Provider of Armed & Unarmed Officers

Professional security is crucial for the success of any shopping center or retail environment. In contrast to typical security guards offered by other firms, Praesidium’s officers are extensively trained in securing high-value assets and protecting lives. We offer competitive rates for mall and shopping center security services, while delivering a team with leading-edge training and skill to protect you and your reputation.

Customer Service Matters in Mall Security

In addition to security training, Praesidium’s team is versed in promoting a safe and comfortable environment. As a result, this secure and relaxed atmosphere often encourages guests and customers to stay longer, which increases browsing and shopping time. Research shows that many customers are willing to spend more money on identical products or services simply because the environment they encountered was more pleasing to them. In turn, clients often gain a return on their security investment because Praesidium’s professionally trained officers essentially serve as an extension of your customer service team.

Praesidium’s expert team of security specialists looks forward to customizing a cost-effective security solution that is right for your mall or shopping center. Call 1-800-795-6440 for more information.