Motor Patrol Officers

High-Visibility Motor Patrol

Praesidium’s corporate, residential, and commercial clients have found value in vehicle patrol. High-Visibility Motor Patrol serves as both a criminal deterrent and as a rapid response for assistance.

A marked-car with a uniformed officer provides a criminal deterrent in addition to proficiency in quickly responding to any alarms or emergency calls. Beyond a standing officer, motor patrol covers a wider area of coverage for businesses and communities with multiple buildings, parking lots, access control, or the need for crowd control. Our elite officers are selected only after extensive background review and after passing multiple tiers of advanced training to serve the security needs of our clients.

Shared Patrol

In addition to round-the-clock vehicle patrol services, Praesidium offers shared patrol. Shared patrol provides a cost-effective option for less frequent patrol, while providing the same level of officer expertise as offered by 24/7 security management. Your shared security professional will make his or her rounds, patrolling areas according to your preferred schedule, monitoring activity and promoting a secure environment by deterring criminals.

Praesidium’s security officers are equipped with leading-edge training and skill. We look forward to customizing a motor-patrol solution that is right for you. Call 1-800-795-6440 for more information.