Security Officers

Respected Provider of Armed & Unarmed Officers

If your business or community is in need of an armed or unarmed guard, look no further than Praesidium for unmatched proficiency. A Professional Security Officer with the right training and skillset can be one of the most effective forms of protection. What many businesses fail to realize, however, is that a poorly trained security guard could be a major liability. Inadequate security is one of the largest growing areas of litigation in the United States. People expect to be safe, and it is a business’ responsibility to provide a safe environment.

When deployed properly, a Security Officer can serve as a deterrent. The pretense of a deterrent should come from the “Mere Presence” of a professional. There is no deterrent factor in a poorly trained, unprofessional security guard. A professional and respectful officer confidently standing his or her post conveys that this place is NOT an easy target. This is a clear and important statement to make in today’s volatile world of shootings and criminal activity.

Make the Right Choice for Security Services

Choose Praesidium’s officers to provide clients and customers a feeling of safety and security. As required under the VRP Group’s corporate umbrella of international protective services, all of Praesidium’s Security Officers have successfully completed rigorous training programs to ensure effectual support. Our extensively trained team brings a level of service and surveillance that similarly priced security companies simply can’t deliver.

Praesidium delivers only the highest caliber Security Officers. Our team looks forward to customizing a cost-effective security solution that is right for you. Call 1-800-795-6440 for more information.